Live Mujra is a live recording, one of few Mujras or tawaifs who made the transition from the salon to the public concert stage. These Live Mujras starts dancing when light classical music or mujra music starts. Live mujras, widely used in Muslim cultures in south Asia are composed of several independent couplets with a unified rhyme scheme. Hot and live mujra performances features descriptions of ghazal verses from classical poetry as well as their own personal compositions.

The continued use of these Live Mujra for those performances in the twentieth century clearly attests to the cultural capital accruing to this courtly model, if not to its literal enactment. This continuity is evident from oral reminiscences shared by erstwhile petrons and poets who offered concrete and evocative depictions of the LIVE MUJRA as enacted in between 1920s and 1940s. so these musical live mujra shows are observable.